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June 17, 2016

Friday Free Forum

Filed under: General Homeland Security — by Arnold Bogis on June 17, 2016

William R. Cumming Forum

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Comment by William R. Cumming

June 17, 2016 @ 3:13 pm

Updated Planning FRAMEWORKS release yesterday this late in the Obama Administration seem a day late and dollar short to me.

Back in fall 2001 CRS reported on the Administrations Preparedness strategy:


It now looks to me like the FRAMEWORKS are largely contractor prepared documents that will not help much in replacing FEMA’s historic antipathy to planning and preparedness. Could be wrong as always.

At this point in time CRS and Congress anticipated highly detailed implementation plans. And operational docs IMO.

Comment by William R. Cumming

June 18, 2016 @ 3:35 am

I spent a lot of personal time and paid out $2000 for graphics help from Dr. Renda-Tanali, PhD, and also some marketing help fro Claire B. Rubin all to no avail although Keith Bea [retired CRS]tried to get CRS to complete the project for what is reflected in the link below:


I still think it might be useful to complete but can only hope someone faster, stronger, younger and richer does it.

Not under copyright protection furnished gratis here for others who might have an interest in the info.

Comment by William R. Cumming

June 18, 2016 @ 3:42 am

There is a 3 page writeup of the doc linked below but cannot seem to find it so perhaps lost to time and computer crashes since developed. Thoughts?


Comment by William R. Cumming

June 19, 2016 @ 12:47 am

Colonel John Brinkerhoff (Ret) [West Point 1950] and me were interviewed for almost 5 hours by 9/11/2001 Commission staff on national preparedness issues. John is a heavily published friend who once was Acting Associate Director of FEMA for Plans and Preparedness (a PAS position eliminated by the fall 1980 internal Reorganization of FEMA-the first over over 30].

What I found most interesting about John is that I considered him to be one of the U.S.A.s most expert persons on the civil/military interface in a democracy.

Worth googling his name!

Comment by William R. Cumming

June 19, 2016 @ 12:49 am

Tonight [June 19th] on TV’s 60 Minutes more discussion of declassification of the 28 pages still classified of the 9/11
Commission Report.

Comment by William R. Cumming

June 20, 2016 @ 9:36 am

Governor Rick Scott of Florida has requested an Emergency Declaration under Stafford Act for PULSE attack:

CRS comment: http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/terror/IN10507.pdf

Comment by William R. Cumming

June 20, 2016 @ 6:19 pm

All current and some past FRAMEWORKS posted at:


Comment by William R. Cumming

June 21, 2016 @ 3:01 pm


Comment by William R. Cumming

June 21, 2016 @ 11:35 pm

CFR › Title 28 › Chapter I › Part 65


Authorities (U.S. Code)

SUBPART A — Eligible Applicants (§§ 65.1 – 65.2)
SUBPART B — Allocation of Funds and Other Assistance (§§ 65.10 – 65.12)
SUBPART C — Purpose of Emergency Federal Law Enforcement Assistance (§§ 65.20 – 65.22)
SUBPART D — Application for Assistance (§§ 65.30 – 65.31)
SUBPART E — Submission and Review of Applications (§§ 65.40 – 65.41)
SUBPART F — Additional Requirements (§§ 65.50 – 65.53)
SUBPART G — Repayment of Funds (§§ 65.60 – 65.60)
SUBPART H — Definitions (§§ 65.70 – 65.70)
SUBPART I — Immigration Emergency Fund (§§ 65.80 – 65.85)

Comment by William R. Cumming

June 21, 2016 @ 11:39 pm

The legal authority for 28 CFR Part 65:

The Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984, Title II, Chap. VI, Div. I, Subdiv. B, Emergency Federal Law Enforcement Assistance, Pub. L. 98-473, 98 Stat. 1837, Oct. 12, 1984 (42 U.S.C. 10501 et seq.); 8 U.S.C. 1101 note;Sec. 610, Pub. L. 102-140, 105 Stat. 832.

50 FR 51340, Dec. 16, 1985, unless otherwise noted.

Comment by William R. Cumming

June 21, 2016 @ 11:44 pm

28 CFR § 65.70 Definitions.
(a) Law enforcement emergency. The term law enforcement emergency is defined by the Act as an uncommon situation which requires law enforcement, which is or threatens to become of serious or epidemic proportions, and with respect to which state and local resources are inadequate to protect the lives and property of citizens, or to enforce the criminal law. The Act specifically excludes the following situations when defining “law enforcement emergency”:

(1) The perceived need for planning or other activities related to crowd control for general public safety projects; and,
(2) A situation requiring the enforcement of laws associated with scheduled public events, including political convention and sports events.
(b) Federal law enforcement assistance. The term Federal law enforcement assistance is defined by the Act to mean funds, equipment, training, intelligence information, and personnel.
(c) Federal law enforcement community. The term Federal law enforcement community is defined by the Act as the heads of the following departments or agencies:
(1) Federal Bureau of Investigation;
(2) Drug Enforcement Administration;
(3) Criminal Division of the Department of Justice;
(4) Internal Revenue Service;
(5) Customs Service;
(6) Department of Homeland Security;
(7) U.S. Marshals Service;
(8) National Park Service;
(9) U.S. Postal Service;
(10) Secret Service;
(11) U.S. Coast Guard;
(12) Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives;
(13) National Security Division of the Department of Justice; and
(14) Other Federal agencies with specific statutory authority to investigate violations of Federal criminal law.
(d) State. The term state is defined by the Act as any state of the United States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, or the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

[50 FR 51340, Dec. 16, 1985, as amended by Order No. 2865-2007, 72 FR 10069, Mar. 7, 2007]

Comment by Maria Simmons

June 23, 2016 @ 12:55 am

This is surely an opportunity…
Would like to contribute

Jobs Aviator

Comment by William R. Cumming

June 23, 2016 @ 4:50 am

Is BREXIT really about HS not economics? I am predicting a STAY/REMAIN majority!

Comment by William R. Cumming

June 23, 2016 @ 4:59 am

While no person has ever questioned my weekly FP links as to their connection with HS and EM always stand willing!

Here is this week’s link:


Comment by William R. Cumming

June 23, 2016 @ 5:16 am

Did I mention I will be off blog after July 9th through the Presidential Election?

Comment by William R. Cumming

June 23, 2016 @ 5:17 am

Welcome Maria!

Comment by William R. Cumming

June 23, 2016 @ 5:36 am

I trust the info posted on this blog:


Comment by William R. Cumming

June 23, 2016 @ 5:53 am

A EM blog I trust linked here:


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