Homeland Security Watch

News and analysis of critical issues in homeland security

About Homeland Security Watch

Homeland Security Watch is a blog that features breaking news, rigorous analysis, and informed commentary on the critical issues in homeland security today. It takes a cross-disciplinary approach to the subject of homeland security, spanning issues such as transportation security, preparedness and response, infrastructure protection, and border security. Its content is intended both for an expert-level policy audience as well as the broader general audience of people interested in homeland security. The blog is non-partisan and non-commercial.

Homeland Security Watch was founded by Christian Beckner in December 2005, and he was the primary contributor to the site until January 2007. In January 2007, Beckner handed it off to Jonah Czerwinski, who contributed to the site until February 2009, at which point in time it was passed off to new contributors including Phil Palin and Christopher Bellavita.

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