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Below are links to Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports hosted at Homeland Security Watch, in reverse chronological order. If reports appear twice with different dates, it reflects an updated version of the same report.

December 22, 2006: Department of Homeland Security Grants to State and Local Governments: FY2003 to FY2006 (RL33770)
December 19, 2006: Rebuilding Housing After Hurricane Katrina: Lessons Learned and Unresolved Issues (RL33761)
December 18, 2006: Coast Guard Deepwater Program: Background, Oversight Issues, and Options for Congress (RL33753)
December 14, 2006: Emergency Communications Legislation, 2002-2006: Implications for the 110th Congress (RL33747)
December 7, 2006: Immigration Legislation and Issues in the 109th Congress (RL33125) (Update)
December 4, 2006: 9/11 Commission Recommendations: Implementation Status (RL33742)
November 15, 2006: Federal Emergency Management Policy Changes After Hurricane Katrina: A Summary of Statutory Provisions (RL33729)
November 7, 2006: Immigration Legislation and Issues in the 109th Congress (RL33125) (Update)
September 27, 2006: Protection of Security-Related Information (RL33670)
September 21, 2006: Border Security: Barriers Along the U.S. International Border (RL33659)
September 14, 2006: Critical Infrastructure: The National Asset Database (RL33648)
September 13, 2006: Emergency Communications: The Emergency Alert System (EAS) and All-Hazard Warnings (RL32527) (Update)
September 12, 2006: Homeland Security: Coast Guard Operations – Background and Issues for Congress (RS21125) (Update)
September 7, 2006: Anti-Terrorism Authority Under the Laws of the United Kingdom and the United States (RL33726)
September 6, 2006: Terrorist Watchlist Checks: Air Passenger Prescreening (RL33645)
September 1, 2006: FEMA Reorganization Legislation in the 109th Congress (RL33522) (Update)
August 22, 2006: Homeland Security Research and Development Funding, Organization, and Oversight (RS21270) (Update)
August 18, 2006: Homeland Security Intelligence: Perceptions, Statutory Definitions, and Approaches (RL33616)
August 9, 2006: International Terrorism: Threat, Policy and Response (RL33600)
August 1, 2006: Homeland Security Grants: Evolution of Program Guidance and Grant Allocation Methods (RL33583)
July 28, 2006: The Public Health and Medical Response to Disasters: Federal Authority and Funding (RL33579)
July 26, 2006: Homeland Security Department: FY 2007 Appropriations (RL33428) (Update)
July 24, 2006: European Approaches to Homeland Security and Counterterrorism (RL33573)
July 21, 2006: Trends in Terrorism: 2006 (RL33555)
July 7, 2006: FEMA Reorganization Legislation in the 109th Congress (RL33522)
July 5, 2006: Transportation Security: Issues for the 109th Congress (RL33512)
June 1, 2006: Senate Proposals to Enhance Chemical Facility Security (RL33447)
May 23, 2006: Border Security and Military Support: Legal Authorizations and Restrictions (RS22443).
May 10, 2006: Homeland Security Department: FY 2007 Appropriations (RL33428)
April 20, 2006: Terminal Operators and Their Role in U.S. Port and Maritime Security (RL33383)
April 19, 2006: Federal Emergency Management and Homeland Security Organization: Historical Developments and Legislative Options (RL33369)
April 7, 2006: Civilian Patrols Along the Border: Legal and Policy Issues (RL33353)
April 6, 2006: Immigration Enforcement Within the United States (RL33351)
April 5, 2006: Pipeline Safety and Security: Federal Programs (RL33347)
March 17, 2006: Toward More Effective Immigration Policies: Selected Organizational Issues (RL33319)

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